Meet Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson is a well-known transformation facilitator, seminar leader, and spiritual life coach. He is a former Executive Director of an HIV & Aids Education and Behaviour Change Charity, and a former university lecturer in teacher education. Since completing his Master of Education degree, Eric has researched and published book chapters and articles in the field of gender and LGBT issues. In South Africa, Eric is considered a pioneer in gender and sexuality diversity in education; he introduced new courses into teacher training which challenged student teachers to consider the links between sexism and homophobia, and how gender equality and non-sexism requires that we consider the needs of lesbian, gay, and bisexual pupils, as well as pupils involved in same-sex relationships who do not identify with these labels.

Since he was a child Eric has also been on a spiritual journey. At the age of 11 he experienced what it was like to be a refugee to another country, and at the age of 15 his sister, brother-in-law and grandmother were killed in a car accident. These events, and his own suppressed struggles with his sexuality and religion, resulted in him going on a quest to find meaning and answers.

Over the years Eric became more convinced than ever that God is Unconditional Love, and that any system which oppresses people and results in their persecution is not of God.  In 2011, Eric became an ordained metaphysical minister and a Theta Healing® Master. Trained in many healing systems, he has worked with thousands of people, and has facilitated over 120 courses for healers. Eric has attended seminars with Vianna Stibal, Sonia Choquette, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, and many others. He also had the honour of meeting Nelson Mandela and founded Theta Healing South Africa,

Eric was inspired to develop this brand-new seminar, drawing on his wisdom and experiences, to enable healers and change agents to experience Gender Consciousness Raising to assist the planet. His goal is to train 1000 healers.  As Doctor Christiane Northrup explains in her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, it is not possible to heal women as long as we are not changing some of the patriarchal beliefs that we have unconsciously inherited and internalized. Many of these heteronormative beliefs also perpetuate the oppression of LGBTQIA people. The seminars explore these issues from a spiritual healing perspective, and facilitates paradigm shifts.

Contact him to discuss how you can become a Gender Consciousness Healing© Ambassador. You can then host this seminar in your city. Email ericrichardson (at) or submit this form. You can whatsapp him on +44 7504 541 517.