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As embodied spirits we are always part of the Oneness, always connected to the Divine Source of All That Is. But in our human incarnation we experience ourselves as separate from each other. We are defined, and define ourselves, in relation to our biological sex, gender identities, and our feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and experiences of being in love or being intimate with other people.

Many of the negative events we see in the world are simply a reflection, a manifestation, of our internal battles and subconscious blocks about gender and sexuality that keep  us locked in a web of separateness, disconnection, and false duality by the Matrix of Power.  But we are seldom given the chance to explore, and change, our gender, sex and sexuality programs (and those we have inherited genetically). By shifting our own programming and vibration we will be able to assist the Earth and her people to Heal the Hierarchies of Power and Privilege. As we clear our limiting belief programs and become more accepting of diversity so we are more able to love and be loved.


Welcome to the home of Gender Consciousness Training ©. Together we can make the planet a safer and healthier place for people of any gender, sex, and sexuality.

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